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Salish Sea Yarn Co.

Salish Sea Stitch Markers

Salish Sea Stitch Markers

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Our collection of Stitch Markers are all handcrafted and inspired by our beautiful island. Made from birch wood these markers are light weight and easy to use, hang nicely from your project and fit around needles up to US 11 (8 mm).

Our Crafting around Orcas Collection includes an outline of Orcas, a ferry, an Orca whale, a deer, and of course a skein of yarn. Locking markers.

Spring on Orcas is our sweet way of celebrating Spring on the Island! It includes an outline of Orcas, a daffodil, a tulip, a chicken and her chicks and a baby lamb! All on locking markers. This is a Limited Edition Collection that we only print once a year so get them while you can!

The Mushroom Collection includes 5 miniatures of mushrooms found around Orcas. O-ring markers.

Our Positive Affirmations Set includes the perfect sayings to help get you through your pile of WIP’s and your day! Each set comes with one of each: Breathe, I Got This, I am Resilient, I Can Do Hard Things, and I am Worthy. All on locking markers.

The Sweater Helper Collection is the perfect tool for those of us who like to multitask... maybe knit and watch Netflix? These markers not only keep your place but also remind you when and how to increase or decrease. This set includes 9 markers; 2 M1R, 2 M1L, 2 K2TOG, 2 SSK and 1 extra sweater to mark the BOR. O-ring markers. 

Row & Stitch Counters Collection is another set born out of necessity, because no one likes counting unbelievably tiny stitches all the time! You can use these markers to count rows horizontally or stitches vertically so you never lose your place again. This set includes 20 markers numbered from 25 - 500 in multiples of 25. They also have stainless steel clasps instead of rings so you can move them around freely. The clasps fit needles up to US 9 (5.5mm). 

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