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Salish Sea Yarn Co.

North Cascades Beanie Kit

North Cascades Beanie Kit

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Jagged snow covered mountain peaks, high meadows and wildflowers, forested valleys, and over 300 glaciers have earned this park the nickname American Alps.  It’s the only place like it in the U.S. outside of Alaska. Melting snow and rainfall feed the hundreds of lakes, rivers, streams, and flowing cascades (the park’s namesake) while runoff from glaciers deposit a type of silt that gives the lakes of North Cascades their characteristic milky turquoise color.  In this design, simple stranded colorwork takes you from the meadows, to the tress, to the cerulean lakes and up to the melting glaciers and snow fields that feed them.

One size fits an average adult size head 19" - 22" after blocking.

Includes :  6 colors of 100% worsted weight Superwash Merino Wool, approx 110 grams total, faux leather National Park beanie tag and pattern

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