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Knitters Pride

Knit Blockers - The Mindful Collection

Knit Blockers - The Mindful Collection

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Knitter's Pride Mindful Knit Blockers

Easy to use, the Knit Blockers speed up the blocking process in an ingenious way.

  • Mesmerizing gradient effect of shades of Teal color helps in blocking unusual shapes.

  • Charming floral design on each blocker complements the rest of the collection.

  • Sturdy, rust resistant stainless steel pins anchor knitting for easy blocking.

  • Color coordinated and packaged in their own teal colored case.

An innovative way to make blocking projects easier! They are best used on straight lines and help maintain even tension across the length of the blocking pins. The blockers also feature holes on each end that allow you to attach string to create anchor points.

Each set contains 20 blockers:

  • Large Blockers - 12 per set, 8 pins (rust resistant stainless steel) approx. 3" long

  • Small Blockers - 8 per set, 4 pins (rust resistant stainless steel) approx. 1.5" long

  • Height: total height is 1.75" of which the exposed pin length is 3/4"

  • Conveniently packaged in a hard plastic case.

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