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Triangle Stitch Markers - Earth Tones

Triangle Stitch Markers - Earth Tones

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This new colorful combination of Triangle Stitch Markers comes in a triangle-shaped kraft box and a subdued rainbow of Earth Tone colors. The ones in our FLIGHT OF STITCH MARKERS have been so popular and the only shape not available separately--till now! We find that the triangles stick up from our work, making it easy to get our needle tip into the corner for transferring to the other needle. Accommodates needle sizes US 0-13 / 1-9 mm.

Product Details

  • Nylon coated steel

  • Large stitch markers accommodate US 13 / 9 mm needles or smaller

  • Medium stitch markers accommodate US 10 / 6 mm needles or smaller

  • Small stitch markers accommodate US 6 / 4 mm needles or smaller


  • 3 each of large markers in 6 colors

  • 3 each of medium markers in 6 colors

  • 3 each of small markers in 6 colors

  • Contained in a triangle-shaped kraft box with removable top

  • 54 markers total

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